Vene laulja Grigori Leps, kodanikunimega Lepsveridze, sündis 16.07.1962 Sotšis.

Grigory Victorovich Lepsveridze, commonly known as Grigory Leps, is a Russian singer-songwriter created a unique style mixing between rock music, pop music, and in his early career shanson ( Pop rock, rock music, hard rock; Singing, guitar, piano, drums;1995–Present ). Known for his low strength voice with long-range vocals.


Grigoriy Leps - Rumka vodki

Grigoriy Leps  - She


Grigoriy Leps  - Krõsa revnost


Grigoriy Leps  - Šelest

Tango razbitõh serdetz  Grigori Leps